Myth #1

Myth #1: You Can Get Pregnant Any Day of Your Cycle

In my previous post of my #FAMFriday series I shared that my biggest obstacles, when choosing FAM as birth control, were the Naysayers, Myths & Misconceptions that surrounded me. In this and following posts, I’ll share exactly what those myths are and what the truth really is! Myth #1: You Can Get Pregnant Any Day of Your Cycle This myth I believe is kept alive and strong because our poor sex education system is based on fear instead of real knowledge. As depicted in the ... Read more »

5 Year FAMiversary!

With the celebration of our 5 year wedding anniversary yesterday, we also celebrate our 5 year FAMiversary! To celebrate, I’m kicking of a new blog series ... Read more »

Own Your Body’s Data

Do you recognize the image behind this speaker? That’s right, it’s a basal temperature chart for the Fertility Awareness Method! Charting made it to TED for ... Read more »