FAM Naysayers, Misconceptions and Myths

Here is my second post in my FAM series. If you missed the first, check it out, 5 Year FAMiversary!, to hear the story of how I first came to learn about FAM.  Once my husband and I learned how the Fertility Awareness Method worked, we were confident we wanted to use it for birth control. But even with this confidence, we had a huge obstacle to overcome –  the naysayers, misconceptions and myths that were spewed on us. “Oh you’re doing the rhythm method? Good ... Read more »

5 Year FAMiversary!

With the celebration of our 5 year wedding anniversary yesterday, we also celebrate our 5 year FAMiversary! To celebrate, I’m kicking of a new blog series ... Read more »

Your Mouth & Your Uterus

Your oral health and your baby making power are closely linked! Today’s guest post is written by one of my dear childhood friends, who is ... Read more »

Celebrating 4 Years with…

To celebrate our 4 year wedding anniversary… A deodorant discount for you! Hurray!! FREE Shipping on your next deodorant order! Go ahead and wave your celebratory hands ... Read more »

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