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Receive an introduction to FAM at your convenience through 3 clear & concise videos.

You’ll learn exactly what you need to know about FAM to decide if this is the right option for you to avoid pregnancy, manage your cycles and become in-tune with your body.


What’s Covered

  1. Setting the foundations
    You’ll learn about your cycle - science and anatomy - the basics of FAM. What it is, its advantages and effectiveness rate, and most importantly, why FAM works! Plus get some recommended resources and tools to help you get started!
  2. How to chart
    We’ll get down to the nitty gritty of how to observe, chart and interpret your fertility signs so that you can know when you are or are not fertile, allowing you to avoid pregnancy with confidence.
  3. Beyond FAM
    We’ll cover some other vital parts of practicing FAM: overcoming fears and anxieties, helping your partner get on board, what to expect when coming off of hormonal contraceptives and practical lifestyle and nutrition tips for healthy hormones. Plus, how to get further instruction and guidance if you have more severe hormonal health issues like PCOS, endometriosis, etc.
FAM Video Course Now Available!

Additional Bonuses

The best resources on FAM & Holistic Hormonal Health

Receive referrals to some of the best resources out there about FAM and holistic hormonal health. These will help you solidify your understanding and provide you tools to further transform your life.

You’re not alone - one free hour call with Hana

Rest easy. Hana will connect with you and give you a chance to have a chat, ask questions and feel super secure with the reality of practicing FAM. She understands. She has heaps of tips and suggestions to help you and ensure you’re comfortable with this amazing new way of working with your body!

Connection and freedom with your body

This sounds bonkers because you already should have this, but the reality is so many women are not connected to their bodies and do not feel that they have freedom in their birth control choice. It is possible to have the freedom from unnecessary synthetic hormones and a have a successful, natural solution instead.

Facebook Community

Get connected with other women who are also a part of the Hana Wellness FAM community. A wonderful space to learn from and encourage one another.


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Is FAM right for you?

Do you experience unwanted side effects from your birth control?

  • low sex drive
  • no period at all
  • spotting
  • mood swings
  • migraines
  • depression

Are you ready for a completely natural and effective option of birth control that gives you power and autonomy over your body?

Then let me introduce you to the

Fertility Awareness Method

Not to be confused with an abbreviation for your close friends and family, the Fertility Awareness Method (FAM) is a natural, empowering and liberating way for women to chart and track their cycles to identify when they are fertile.

How FAM works

The fact of the matter is, women are only fertile for about six days per cycle, so why do we need to be pumping our bodies with unnecessary hormones all cycle long? Instead, a woman can identify her fertile phase by simply charting changes in her cervical fluid and basal body temperature patterns. She can then abstain from sex or use protection during her fertile phase to avoid pregnancy naturally.

Many women also choose to practice FAM simply to become more in touch with their bodies and health.

What FAM is not

FAM is not the outdated Rhythm Method/Calendar Method, or your grandma’s generation’s birth control. There is so much more science, research, understanding and technology to support FAM as a tried and tested natural birth control alternative to the pill/injection/IUD/implant etc.


At first, it may sound a bit tricky - you may be thinking, what the heck is cervical fluid or basal body temperature?! It can be scary to ditch old habits like taking the pill everyday and to instead trust your body, but with the right knowledge and practice, FAM can become second nature. You can become truly connected with you - a woman who knows her body.


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Still hung up on previous myths and misconceptions about natural birth control? Download my FAM Myth Buster Guide to find out the truth!


FAM Success Stories

The very best thing I have gotten out of the FAM sessions is a thorough understanding of my body and the fundamentals of how my cycle works. It's incredibly empowering to have that knowledge and connection with your body as a woman, and to have the power to make their own choices when it comes to fertility. Hana has such an incredible heart for women and everyone she talks to seems to feel totally at peace and comfortable. She is kind and gentle and would never advise a woman to do something she's uncomfortable with, confused by, or unsure of. She accepts you where you are and helps you get to where you want to go with your health goals, wherever that may be.

Mariah Simeroth
Mariah Simeroth

I sought Hana’s expertise when hormonal birth control started making me feel terrible, emotionally and physically. When I started learning from Hana about FAM I knew I was in good hands! She is knowledgeable, passionate about natural health, and so enjoyable to learn from and talk to! I learned quickly how to use charts and what resources I had available, and began experiencing the freedom of working with my body, instead of fighting against my hormones and fertility. I would never go back!

Kathleen Wyne
Kathleen Wyne

For over ten years I tolerated the negative symptoms of prescription birth control to “regulate” my cycle and avoid pregnancy. I wanted an easier and natural way to avoid pregnancy and I found the Fertility Awareness Method (FAM). Hana provided me with the education, encouragement, and support to avoid pregnancy naturally. I was amazed what I never knew about my body. Along with the knowledge, Hana’s passionate and energetic spirit empowered me to take control of my fertility. Through using FAM I have gained more self-awareness, understanding, and appreciation of my body’s true potential. FAM is life changing and I am so grateful to have worked with Hana.

Lauren Katherin
Lauren Katherin

I didn't want to be put on any hormones because in previous years, they had only made me feel horrible. I am so glad that I decided to learn FAM through Hana's guidance because I have learned more about my cycle from Hana, than I have from any other health guide. She keeps it simple yet precise. I am now literally not afraid to listen to my body and to take certain precautions when needed. She had an answer to all of my questions. She was even available to me when I needed a quick answer on something while charting. Since then she has kept in contact with me. What I really love about Hana is that she truly cares. She is passionate and genuine which is what makes all the difference.

Kalie Bickham
Kalie Bickham

Hi, I’m Hana.

I’m a certified Holistic Health Coach, a certified Doula, an essential oils coach and a FAM advocate. I have successfully followed this method for five years to avoid pregnancy! I have worked with dozens of women on a 1:1 basis - teaching them about the female's cycle, about FAM - the science behind it, how to chart and how to continue to be kind to their beautiful bodies via continued holistic and hormonal health. My biggest reward? Witnessing women experiencing true empowerment and connectedness with their female bodies.

I am not a certified FAM educator. My mission is to empower women so they have a natural alternative to avoid pregnancy. I am self-taught, I’ve tried and tested it myself and feel obliged, hugely passionate and responsible to help educate women about FAM.

This video course is perfect for all women who would like an introduction to FAM. If you need additional support, beyond my bonus one hour video call, I advise you to consult with a certified FAM educator. This additional support can be helpful if your charts are unclear due to hormone imbalance or during different life stages such postpartum and perimenopause. — You can head here to find certified FAM educators in your area.

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