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Why I love Essential Oils

Essential oils are a perfect piece to your health puzzle and a great tool in your arsenal of natural living! With a background as a health coach I encourage everyone, whether on a fertility journey or not, to start cleaning up the toxins in your life and replacing them with essential oils.

What are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are considered the lifeblood of plants. They are the aromatic liquid that serve as the plant’s immune system and building blocks to its DNA. They provide protection and nutrients to the plant and ward off unwanted threats to its health.

How do I use them?

I use them for much more than just smelling nice! I daily diffuse and apply essential oils to uplift my emotions, support my immune system, promote sleep, maintain healthy skin and much much more!

Why choose Young Living Essential Oils?

A company’s integrity and standard of excellence means a lot to me, and Young Living has impressed me again and again in these crucial areas. They are the only company I have found that owns its own farms, grows and distills their own plants, and have exclusive coop farms. They have a ‘seed to seal’ promise ensuring the highest quality of essential oil. They do not purchase oils from outside sources and rebottle. They are the source.

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Sign up now to order from Young Living!


There are three ways you can choose to order from Young Living.

  1. The first way is by becoming a retail customer and buying products at full retail price.
  2. The second way, and a much better option is to become a wholesale member by choosing a starter kit and getting 24% off all future products!
  3. The third way is the best way to order, called Essential Rewards. Essential Rewards is Young Living’s optional monthly ordering program that has tons of perks. You choose to order through Essential Rewards once you’ve signed up as a wholesale member.

To create an American account follow the instructions below.

To create a European account, follow the instructions here.

Creating an American Account

I walk you through how to order on Young Living’s website  in this easy and quick video, or if you prefer, you can read the step by step instructions below.

  1. By clicking my link it will automatically check the “Member” box or you can select the “Retail” box if you prefer. Note: The “Enroller ID” and “Sponsor ID” boxes should be filled in. If not, paste in my ID: 1995252 in both boxes. Then click continue.
  2. Pick your Starter Kit. When choosing to order as a wholesale member and selecting the Premium Starter Kit, Young Living will add a Dew Drop diffuser to your starter kit – a benefit to buying over retail! You can even upgrade your diffuser.
    See image for details →
    The most popular is the Dew Drop Diffuser but you also have the option to get a non plastic – natural material diffuser and get an amazing deal with the Rainstone! It alone retails close to the cost of the kit, so you are getting the 11 oils for a steal! There are also other amazing starter kits such as the $45 basic kit, the Thieves kit and the Ningxia kit, which all get you the 24% wholesale membership.
  3. Choose or decline the optional Essential Rewards monthly loyalty program. Check out all the perks of ordering through Essential Rewards below!
  4. Fill everything out and create your password and pin.
    Your pin is for if you ever need to contact customer service so that they will be able to verify your identity. Write your pin down as you may need it. TIP: You can use the last 4 digits of your phone number
  5. Confirm your order. 

Why Essential Rewards is the best way to order!


joyful vida

Join our Joyful Vida Community

If you are ready to buy your Young Living Premium Starter Kit, you will be welcomed into my oily community called Joyful Vida. We are a community of over 1,500 people supporting one another to live healthy and free!

  • A Welcome Letter with lots of great info to help you get the most out of your investment.
  • A ‘100 plus Uses for the Oils’ booklet.
  • Access to joyfulvida.com’s back office tools such as videos, flyers, powerpoints and more!

  • An invitation to join our private Joyful Vida facebook page for you for you to ask questions and share testimonials with many others on their oily journeys.
  • My dedicated support in your health journey.

A bonus gift!

As a health coach I am dedicated to my member’s overall health goals. That is why I offer FREE care calls once a month for the first three months that you are enrolled as a member. Essential Oils can be a bridge to achieving so many other health goals and I want to help you cross that bridge! Not only will we set goals but I will give you practical tools and baby steps that will help you create healthier habits, making your goals a reality.

Can I just buy essential oils from a natural health food store or online?

Unfortunately, so many other essential oils are cut with synthetic oils or diluted with poor quality oils diminishing their health benefits. Purity and quality is a big deal particularly with essential oils; you truly get what you pay for.

Does becoming a member mean that I need to buy or sell monthly?


No. Young living is so generous that they give everyone the wholesale membership with the purchase of a starter kit. To keep your 24% off member benefits active, all you are obligated to do is make one purchase of $50 or more within one year. Pretty easy after you discover all of their amazing products!
And you are under no obligation to sell – but if you do find yourself telling all your friends about how much you love the oils and how they are changing your life – you can get a $50 thank you check for referring them! I have friends who are living in abundance as they have made sharing the oils their full time business! Young Living has an amazing compensation plan. If you’re interested in the business side of things please contact me and I will give you the tools you need to make however much money you need or want through Young Living.

Ready for transformation in your health?

Commit to my simple 3-month transformation protocol and receive a free bottle of Grapefruit Vitality Oil!

Contact me to declare your commitment!

 To really see results in your health requires commitment to consistent small changes.

Why 3 months? Because it takes 90 days for our cells to regenerate AND create a new habit. We can measure results when we commit to doing something small, every day for a determined amount of time.

You could dab an oil on here and there but you won’t see the full benefits until you make healthier living a lifestyle. Creating a healthier lifestyle means making new habits. Here are my 3 habits to do every day for three months and I know you will feel a difference from when you first started.

  1. Diffuse or apply one oil at least once every day.
    Diffusing tips:
    – Lemon, peppermint or purification in the morning
    – Lavender in the evening.
    – Inhale RC in the shower
    Application tips:
    – Thieves on the bottom of your feet in the morning or evening
    – Pan Away and Copaiba on muscles after a workout
    – Stress Away on neck and wrist throughout day
    – Frankincense mixed with your facial moisturizer
    – Digize on tummy to support your digestive system
  2. Drink a full glass of room temperature water with one drop of lemon oil first thing in the morning
  3. Drink 2oz of Ningxia Red every day

When you commit to this simple transformation protocol and order Ningxia Red for three consecutive months I will mail you your reward of Grapefruit Vitality Oil!

Contact me to declare your commitment!

The Power of Ningxia Red!


Ningxia Red is my absolute FAVORITE supplement Young Living offers. It is a powerful antioxidant drink containing whole Ningxia wolfberry puree & Essential Oils. Wolfberries have been cherished for centuries for its health, energy, and longevity benefits.

Ningxia Red supports energy levels by providing a nutrient infusion into the cells without sugar, caffeine or other artificial stimulants. It assists in detoxing the cells & organs including the kidneys and liver on a daily basis.

I take 2 oz of Ningxia Red a day and it tastes delicious!

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