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FAM Naysayers, Misconceptions and Myths

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Here is my second post in my FAM series. If you missed the first, check it out, 5 Year FAMiversary!, to hear the story of how I first came to learn about FAM. 

Once my husband and I learned how the Fertility Awareness Method worked, we were confident we wanted to use it for birth control. But even with this confidence, we had a huge obstacle to overcome –  the naysayers, misconceptions and myths that were spewed on us.

“Oh you’re doing the rhythm method? Good luck with that.” “But you’re so young! Don’t you want a few years just the two of you before you have kids?” “Oh ya, that’s how I got pregnant with my first!”

These comments were hard to hear because I was new to FAM and I didn’t know how to reply confidently. I especially didn’t know how to reply in a quick witty manner. I knew that what they were saying were myths and misconception of FAM, but I also knew that the only effective response would be correcting them through education. But education can take a while!

To be totally honest, as much as I was confident in FAM, it was hard to not let the naysayers get to me. I remained confident all the way through my engagement until my honeymoon.  There I was, in my hotel room in Hawaii, only three days after our wedding, and I could hear all of their voices in my head. I totally freaked out that we just had unprotected sex and that I might get pregnant. I even called my friend who first told me about FAM and freaked out to her on the phone. So I completely understand the real fear of using natural birth control for the first time, the fear of going against the grain, rebelling against the status quo, and hoping, praying that I was right!

In Hawaii on our honeymoon 5 years ago. The view from our hotel where I was freaking out!

Well, now I am proud to say that I was right!

FAM works! I believe that I had so much fear because I didn’t have the best education or support system surrounding FAM. I read a lot and learned the basic science, but didn’t have anyone to teach me. thoroughly. I especially didn’t have a solid person who could answer all of my questions.

Now I know:

The best antidote to fear is knowledge and support.

That is why I am so excited to be offering a complete guide to the Fertility Awareness Method in a very accessible video course format, because you will get exactly this: knowledge and support. You will gain knowledge about your body, how you are only fertile for a short window in your cycle, and how to pinpoint that window effectively and confidently. You will also have support from me through a one-on-one video call session to get all your questions answered, plus continued support in my private Facebook group.

My goal is for my clients to start this journey without having to go through so much fear as I did! Sign up to be notified when the discounted pre-sale opens for my video course!

Want to learn more about FAM, visit my FAM page. 

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And be sure to join my Facebook FAM Learning Community where I will be posting resources and Facebook live videos teaching about the female cycle, hormones and fertility. This is a safe space just for women where you can get your questions answered and be in a community of other likeminded women. 

What about you- what were some misconceptions you had, or had told to you, about FAM?

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You will also receive my FAM Myth Buster Guide (PDF) to clear up myths and misconceptions about natural birth control.